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About WeSpeak Global

WeSpeak Global is a marketplace platform and mobile app for Keynote Speakers, based in  San Diego and was started a little over 5 years ago by Duncan and Bronwyn.


With our Head Office in Carlsbad, California, we are perfectly situated to handle any speaking enquiry across North America.

We have a further 4 Speaker Bureaus across Africa that reach the Middle East, Europe, and Australasia

Our mission is to help our clients find the best, most suitable SPEAKERS or TALENT for their particular conference or event.

We also represent a wide array of Motivational and Inspirational Speakers, Celebrities, Business and Conference Speakers based elsewhere in the Global Village.

Our high standards of ethics and integrity with a hard-won reputation for honesty and good business practice, and thus choose to work only with like-minded people, who also believe in and subscribe to our “Four Pillars”

  • Honesty,
  • Integrity,
  • Loyalty and
  • Trust.

As the ONLY members across Africa of the IASB and MPI we look forward to working with you, and have no doubt you’re going to love what we’re able to put together for you!

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Offices in San Diego, USA and Cape Town, RSA

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